Ensuring Proper Health Care

A person's hands mid-gesture, holding a pen while surrounded by a laptop, paperwork, a calculator, and a stethoscope.
Image Description: A person’s hands mid-gesture, holding a pen while surrounded by a laptop, paperwork, a calculator, and a stethoscope.

Garbero Law is committed to simplifying everything surrounding caregiving services and helping you to receive care that works for you.

When you require personal care attendant services due to a disability, initiating the process to obtain those services can be very complicated. Once the services are initiated, ensuring that your rights are respected while receiving them can be equally, if not more, complicated.

One way to ensure proper care is to sign up for benefits like Medicaid or Medicare. This can be a very intimidating prospect if you’re still adjusting to a new disability or if you don’t know how the application and appeal processes work. And once you are signed up for those services, finding a caregiving program that you are comfortable with is another hurdle. Garbero Law is experienced in handling these issues.

Once a caregiving system is established, it is crucial to ensure that those services don’t violate your rights or the rights of your caregiver. As the person who receives care, you have the right to receive care services in the most integrated setting possible. This means you should feel safe accessing services without the fear that you will be wrongfully placed into a nursing home or other restricted setting against your will.

Additionally, you have the right to maintain your bodily autonomy and receive care in a way that makes you feel safe and respected. Unfortunately, caregiver abuse is a real concern for many people. Legal assistance can be used to protect you from abusive caregivers.

Receiving competent and appropriate care is the first stepping stone in living the good life you deserve. Please contact Garbero Law today for a free consultation if you need assistance with caregiving services.

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